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How to Measure the Success of Your Cyber Awareness Campaign

by | May 16, 2023 | BLOG

Human users are more vulnerable to cybercriminals than machines. For this reason, organizations invest – or should invest – in cyber awareness campaigns.

If you already have this type of initiative, check out our article and discover if you are achieving your goals.

The human factor is responsible for 82% of data breaches. This is according to a 2022 Verizon report. For this reason, companies must invest in raising awareness about cybersecurity among their employees.

It is also imperative to measure the effectiveness of an awareness program in order to improve it and ensure the goals are being achieved. However, only 70% of organizations adopt this behavior, and only a third have confidence in using the right metrics.

With that in mind, we prepared this article to show you how to evaluate the success of your campaign.


1. Analyze the Percentage of Users Who Participate in the Campaign

A cyber awareness campaign can only be successful if it relies on the massive adherence of the team. In this case, one of the first metrics to evaluate is the percentage of employees who participate in such programs.


2. Gather Feedback from Users

To assess the effectiveness of a cybersecurity campaign, it is essential to ask for feedback from employees. With this objective in mind, HR or a security consultant can apply an awareness survey with exercises that allow analyzing the impact of the training offered by testing the employee’s ability to identify a risk situation.


3. Pay Attention to the Frequency of Awareness Training and Simulations

It is also of paramount importance to promote continuous training and periodic simulations that make it possible to assess whether the employees have, in fact, consumed the content.

To engage them, it is also possible to offer bonuses and rewards during training, showing employees the investment made to promote digital security.

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4. Review the Results of Awareness Training Tests and Simulations

The results of the awareness training tests and simulations are intended to show how your team is doing in the training promoted by your company.

Therefore, be aware of each employee’s score to find out if it is necessary to improve training through a more didactic approach or practical exercises.


5. Check Click-Through Rates in Phishing and Social Engineering Simulations

Social engineering attacks, including phishing, are among the top cybersecurity issues faced by organizations. For this reason, it is essential to apply simulations using this type of threat and evaluate the click-through rates on the alleged infected links.



In this article, we showed you how to measure the success of a cyber campaign in your company. If you liked our content, share it with someone!

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