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ISO 27001: 4 Reasons to Implement It in Your Company

by | Nov 5, 2021 | BLOG

Leaving data unprotected ends up putting business continuity and your clients at risk.

Therefore, it is necessary to implement standards that aim to make information more secure.

One of the best known among them is ISO 27001, responsible for dealing with Information Security aspects of several companies.

There are many advantages to following this high standard of quality, with the benefits going far beyond security.

Optimization of procedures and increase in company profit are just some of them.

Do you want to know 4 reasons to implement this in your company? So check out this article.

It Reduces Costs in Your Company

The ISO 27001 standard also helps in implementing policies to organize and improve business processes.

This ends up causing a reduction in costs, resulting from the implementation of a good security and management system.

By having a clear vision of strategic management, it is possible to reduce risks considerably.

Therefore, resources that would be spent on repairs are saved by the company.

This directly influences the company’s cash, reducing costs with this type of situation, especially considering that the expenses to resolve any data security issue are always very high.

Thus, eliminating the risk of spending on this issue also makes the situation more comfortable for the company.

Given this scenario, it becomes a no-brainer to see why ISO 27001 is so important to companies.

Having more efficient management improves the company as a whole, and this has a direct influence on cash.

As we will see below, this is also important even for attracting potential new clients.

Showing that your company follows good market practices can be the missing difference to leverage your business.

ISO 27001 Gives Greater Credibility in The Market

Having an ISO 27001 certification shows that your company is seeking total security in its procedures and total commitment to Information Security, which is reflected as a great advantage in the market.

Showing potential clients that your company values data security demonstrates seriousness.

The chances of being able to close a deal increase when you have ISO certification.

When compared to a company that does not have certification, for example, the one that has certification will definitely stand out.

Data preservation is essential for large companies, and for this reason, ISO 27001 is seen as a differentiator.

Passing trust and credibility to potential clients is a way to be able to stand out from your competitors.

Given that data is now considered the new oil, it is critical to ensure no data is stolen.

Companies not dedicating resources to this area run serious risks, in addition to putting their clients at risk.

And because of that, companies that seek to meet the requirements of the ISO standard are standing out in the market.

Efficiency and security are essential for closing deals, regardless of a market niche.

But since we are talking about Information Security, be sure to check out this article that addresses the pillars of the area.

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It is Not Just About Security

Anyone who thinks that ISO 27001 is limited only to corporate security issues is tremendously mistaken.

The standard also helps in the organizational issue of the company, and we know how organization is important for all types of businesses.

By relying on an Information Security Management System (ISMS) provided for by ISO 27001, it is possible to map data more clearly.

In this way, making the right decisions can happen more easily, indirectly influencing productivity.

Furthermore, the responsibility factor makes organizational processes more practical.

It is possible to know exactly who decides on each issue within the company, giving due responsibility to each manager.

With organization and clarity of the goals to be achieved, it is easier to increase the company’s productivity.

However, it is necessary to create quality parameters to be followed by all employees involved in security.

These indicators must have specialized monitoring to measure the team’s performance.

Relying on high-quality standards highlights the company on the market and optimizes business management procedures.


ISO 27001 Means Business Improvements

ISO 27001 means quality in the business world, and this boils down to constant improvements for each company.

Whenever an ISMS is implemented, companies are committed to becoming more efficient.

This is because, as we have seen, it is necessary not only to increase security but also business management.

The commitment to improvement must be constant, not just in times of extreme need.

Given this need, audits are required to be performed frequently, in pre-established periods.

In this way, it is possible to verify whether the company is operating as it should and whether the improvements have actually been implemented.

Even companies that fail to comply with the standard tend to gain by investing efforts in this environment.

Why? Because, by trying to adapt to the required level, they automatically improve their own management processes.

Taking the right steps and becoming more competitive in the market are just some of the advantages of reaching the standard.

The internal transformation of companies ends up being reflected in organizations that are more competitive in the current market, which is so disputed.

All rules required by the standard aim to make operational processes more efficient.

To meet the standard, companies must follow rules established by the entity. So, it is worth researching about it to get started.

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