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senhasegura introduces the “Jiu-JitCISO” concept to show the power of Brazilian cybersecurity

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Written by Priscilla Silva

São Paulo, January 13, 2023 – “Like Jiu-Jitsu senhasegura is about self-defense. Every company must know how to protect itself and its clients”. This is the aim based on the philosophy of the Japanese martial art, but made popular and crowned by the quality of Brazilian masters and practitioners with worldwide recognition.

To face cyber crime and threats of any type and size, senhasegura proposes to deal with adversity by applying Privileged Access Management (PAM) to the critical infrastructures of organizations applying the practices of “Cyber Resilience”, which is the strategic capacity to create a set of values that involve the high quality of leadership, ongoing technical and operational improvement and the ability to recover and adapt quickly within the information security teams. By joining technique and discipline, the term “Jiu-JitCISO” originated.

Sound mind in a sound body

The concept of Jiu-JitCISO appeared for the first time in August 2022, when senhasegura went to the RSA Conference – one of the biggest cybersecurity events in the world – in San Francisco, United States. By crossing borders to arrive in the land of the largest PAM market in the world, the company’s idea was to show security teams that to win a cyber fight one must go beyond “hand-to-hand”, i.e., the practical battle of using powerful tools to protect critical infrastructure, but it is also necessary to use the “power of the mind”, to consider management to have the potential to deal even with the unpredictable. About this, cybersecurity and leadership expert Steve Hunt hints:

– Like jiu-jitCISO, Cyber-Resilience is not about trading blows to see which one is stronger. You wanna be all the way out, too far away to get struck, or you wanna be so close that any strikes directed at you are ineffective, and cannot knock you out. It’s all about management.

Inspired by the teachings of the black belt Rener Gracie, whose motto is “Learn to fight, so you never have to”, the CMO of senhasegura, Rogério Godoy, believes that attention, observation and training are the focal points for every employee of an Information Security team to bypass threats and data breaches:

– Jiu-jitsu gives the opportunity for the trained jiu-jitsu practitioner to take advantage of the opportunities that their opponents create, the mistakes that they make and ultimately win the fight. Successful Jiu-JitCISOs not only map risks from internal and external events, which have happened to other companies; they test the breaches, detail vulnerabilities, study which types of solutions are effective for each case, create a knowledge exchange network… Thus, they don’t defeat the cybercriminals, but tighten the circle before they take advantage, and that’s winning.

About senhasegura

senhasegura is committed to helping companies become more secure and resilient by stopping privilege abuse from inside and outside the organization. senhasegura’s award-winning 360º Privilege Platform addresses the entire privileged access management lifecycle, including before, during, and after access, and plays a critical role in implementing a robust zero trust architecture. Headquartered in Brazil, senhasegura is a global leader with customers in over 55 countries throughout Latin America, North America, Asia-Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, and Africa. The Company’s PAM solution is distributed through an international network of more than 150 value-added, trusted channel partners. For more information, follow us on LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram and Facebook.

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